At GoToPerson, our motto is, “simplify the complicated, eliminate chaos and get things done.” 

One of the most valuable tools we use, and recommend, is a to-do list which requires only a pen and paper, or keyboard, to record, categorize and prioritize tasks.

The tasks on your list should be realistic and do-able, and the first steps towards getting a job done.  In other words, if you are redoing your kitchen, your to-do list may say, “call three friends for contractor recommendations” vs. “redo kitchen.”  You can take it one step further and list the phone # for those you are reaching out to. The more you break it down, the less daunting it will be, and the closer you will find yourself to completing the task.

There are other payoffs too:  no more random thoughts of what you forgot to do, which can interrupt your workflow; crossing off items is a natural ‘feel-good’ motivation; and, carrying over items to the next day is simple.

To-do lists are referred to as a time management tool or organizational technique.  Regardless of the name, incorporating them into your daily planning will invariably increase productivity and decrease stress.  The result: you too will become enthusiastic about using to-do lists – to get things done!