We all receive listicles (online articles formatted as a list with content to support it) that tout the best ways to plan our workdays, handle priorities, manage projects, and so on. Many pundits whose words come across my screen say that we would all be more productive if we held off reading emails until completing one important task each day. For me, that feels out of sync.

The truth is that we are all different, but the same. Different in how our brains are wired, distinct in our intuitive behavior and internal clocks, strengths and weaknesses, and in many other ways. We are the same in that some of us share the productivity gene and want to get as much done in a day as possible, whereas others of us have a laid-back attitude, and there are varying degrees between the two.

There is no one-size-fits-all way to achieve the rewards we seek, such as increased efficiency and higher output, but there is real purpose in examining areas for improvement and considering options that others have gained an advantage from.

Learning from and having 24/7 access to industry professionals and experts is a major benefit of the internet. The key is to distinguish which opinions and advice are ‘best’ or ‘right’ for us.

Go To Person is a virtual yet personal consulting organization that problem-solves, manages short and long-term assignments, conducts research, and takes on projects that individuals and companies would prefer to contract out rather than assign in-house.

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