I didn’t call my dad at 9 a.m. like I do every day – instead, I called him at 10:30 that particular morning. He sounded confused and was unable to find the right words. I immediately called his neighbor along with 911. My father suffered a stroke that day in October of 2013. I immediately made a reservation to fly to New York from my home in Orlando.

My father is a 94-year old WWII veteran who I admire for his kindness, strength, and unselfishness. When I first saw him in the hospital, I thought – “it’s all different now.” The thread that tethered me to the earth had now been severed, as I felt scared, helpless, and alone.

I spent every day with my dad for three and a half months during which time he was in the hospital and rehab. The thing that weighed so heavily on my mind was not knowing what would happen when he went home. A nursing home was never an option, and although my wife and I wanted him to live with us in Orlando, his choice was to stay in the neighborhood that he knew his entire life and in the apartment that he called home for more than fifty years.

I was frozen, unbelievably overwhelmed, and shaken to the core because I didn’t know where to begin. I had to figure out who was going to care for him at home 24/7, the financial aspect of it all, and how to deal with being separated from my family in Orlando for several months.

I spent much time researching the Internet and talking to various people who in turn connected me with others. Over time, things fell into place.  A few angels were with me through it all, my wife, Barbara; my Aunt Rena; and an amazing social worker named Sue.

What I learned in the process was that I was not alone. Many of us have a loved one in need of services beyond our knowledge, and some of us can land in a maze without an advocate or loved one nearby. Everyone needs help at the most vulnerable times, a go-to-person if you will.

And so, this is how GoToPerson was born.

Life throws curveballs whether in business or our personal life. And often we fall behind for any number of reasons. GoToPerson addresses problems that come from different directions, helps with planning and organizing, manages business and personal projects, and takes on tasks and research that otherwise just sit as words on a to-do list.

GTP simplifies the complicated, eliminates chaos and gets things done!

For further information, or to talk it out, contact randi@gotoperson.info or 888.GTP.7707.