It seems that everyone is seeking more balance in their lives and looking for ways to reach the center of the scale while increasing personal productivity and efficiency.  Buzz words and metaphors like ‘time management’ and ‘smell the roses’ are great in theory, but they don’t necessarily move us any further from the feelings that hectic schedules and busy lives leave us with.

The answer may be closer than we think.  There is a universally agreed upon principle that music has the ability to energize and relax. A single song can improve a mood, motivate one to workout, or calm one’s mind.  So it stands to reason that integrating music to exercise and unwind is a key to achieving the balance of both mind and body.   It’s not one or the other. Balance involves both. 

So reap the benefits!  Whatever your taste, listening to music is uncomplicated, easily accessible, affordable, enjoyable, and can help the balancing act.

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