What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?

When someone contacts Go To Person about a project, we listen intently to the story leading up to the assignment at hand.  It allows for a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the client’s needs.  

We refer to this as ‘concentrated listening’ when the focus is on fact-gathering and the speaker’s point of view, rather than random conversation and opinions.

This listening process emphasizes the value and importance of each story.  It is the first step in a business relationship, forging a connection with roots to grow.

Are Customer Service Issues Giving You A Headache?

Are Customer Service Issues Giving You A Headache?

When ‘customer service’ appears on a website or a vendor invoice, it’s fair to expect that what the company is offering is precisely that: service to customers.  The hope is that it is good, if not excellent.  However, experience proves that customer service can be shoddy, inadequate and just plain wrong.  

Some customer issues are time sensitive.  If not dealt with promptly they can lead to bigger problems, and resolving them may be time-consuming and frustrating.  For those situations, we suggest that you contact us at GO TO PERSON (GTP).

Recently, a disgruntled homeowner benefited from such a call to GTP.  A recent wind and rain storm damaged their roof which turned into an ordeal when water ruined one complete room in the house. The roofer came out, gave a bid, and wanted to start as soon as possible. However, due to the high price and the upset that the homeowners were going through, they contacted Randi (randi@gotoperson.info).  She asked the right questions and reviewed the homeowner policy.  Bottom line: based on provisions of the Florida Building Code, the insurance company covered the roof and home repairs.

Another unhappy homeowner had a laminate floor installed. She saw that it was not laying correctly during the installation, but the installers reassured her that it would adhere overnight.  It didn’t, and neither the installers or product supplier offered a remedy.  As a matter of fact, they blamed each other. The client reached out to Margie (margie@gotoperson.info) who researched the product and found that the flooring was not stored properly in the warehouse. Therefore, it was considered damaged on delivery, and the supplier approved new flooring at no additional installation charge.

Unraveling issues like these, dealing with all parties involved, and straightening things out requires patience, good listening and communication skills, an aptitude for research, and desire to resolve matters.  

How can GO TO PERSON help you?  Call for a 30-minute complimentary consultation, 888.GTP.7707 or emailinfo@gotoperson.info.

Who Decides The ‘Best’ Or ‘Right’ Way To …?

Who Decides The ‘Best’ Or ‘Right’ Way To …?

We all receive listicles (online articles formatted as a list with content to support it) that tout the best ways to plan our workdays, handle priorities, manage projects, and so on. Many pundits whose words come across my screen say that we would all be more productive if we held off reading emails until completing one important task each day. For me, that feels out of sync.

The truth is that we are all different, but the same. Different in how our brains are wired, distinct in our intuitive behavior and internal clocks, strengths and weaknesses, and in many other ways. We are the same in that some of us share the productivity gene and want to get as much done in a day as possible, whereas others of us have a laid-back attitude, and there are varying degrees between the two.

There is no one-size-fits-all way to achieve the rewards we seek, such as increased efficiency and higher output, but there is real purpose in examining areas for improvement and considering options that others have gained an advantage from.

Learning from and having 24/7 access to industry professionals and experts is a major benefit of the internet. The key is to distinguish which opinions and advice are ‘best’ or ‘right’ for us.

Go To Person is a virtual yet personal consulting organization that problem-solves, manages short and long-term assignments, conducts research, and takes on projects that individuals and companies would prefer to contract out rather than assign in-house.

For further information, please contact Margie Chachkin at margie@gotoperson.info or 877.GTP.7707, ext 1 (www.gotoperson.info).

Music: A Balancing Tool

Music: A Balancing Tool

It seems that everyone is seeking more balance in their lives and looking for ways to reach the center of the scale while increasing personal productivity and efficiency.  Buzz words and metaphors like ‘time management’ and ‘smell the roses’ are great in theory, but they don’t necessarily move us any further from the feelings that hectic schedules and busy lives leave us with.

The answer may be closer than we think.  There is a universally agreed upon principle that music has the ability to energize and relax. A single song can improve a mood, motivate one to workout, or calm one’s mind.  So it stands to reason that integrating music to exercise and unwind is a key to achieving the balance of both mind and body.   It’s not one or the other. Balance involves both. 

So reap the benefits!  Whatever your taste, listening to music is uncomplicated, easily accessible, affordable, enjoyable, and can help the balancing act.

GoToPerson recommends their sister company, We Do Records (www.wedorecords.com/store) for workout and just chillin’ music.

The Value Of A Business Plan

The Value Of A Business Plan

When taking a road trip, we map out where we are headed before we get in the car.  The same rule applies when starting a business. Directions are needed, and that’s where a business plan comes in.

Some elements that should be fleshed out and will apply to every enterprise include:
* Mission and Vision
* Competition in the marketplace
* Customer profile/target market
* Comprehensive description of product or service
* Reason that customers need your product or service
* Business strategy (and what makes it unique)
* Pricing
* Sales and e-commerce
* Marketing/Advertising/Promotion
* Upfront expenses (e.g.: logo, website, business license, insurance)
* Financial planning (i.e.: start-up operating capital, projections, cash flow)
* Staffing and respective experience and skills needed

Each one of these factors is an important link to the whole.

Through the process of writing, you will realize what is practical and feasible, what the priorities are, and how to achieve the goals you have put forth.  When finished, take the time to celebrate because you will know where you are going, why you are going there, and how you are getting there.  Your business relies on you, and you can rely on your business plan!

GoToPerson (GTP) provides management support services and assists with writing business plans, as well as project planning, management and implementation for business and individual needs.  For further information, please visit www.gotoperson.info or contact us at info@gotoperson.info, 888.GTP.7707.

The Artist as Entrepreneur

The Artist as Entrepreneur

For someone who thrives on ‘slashes’ Choreographer/Director/Actor/Writer, Myles Thoroughgood can legitimately add ‘juggler’ to the list, the type that entrepreneurs are notorious for being.

As a young man raised in Philadelphia’s inner-city neighborhood of Kensington, Thoroughgood has become a shining example for those who want to venture out to practice their art of choice and become an executive of their own destiny.

How did it happen? For Myles, it took a keen eye for observing everything around him and watching soap operas that introduced lifestyles worlds apart from his own. That, coupled with courage and determination.

Starting his career as a dancer in dinner theatre and then the WAVES Jazz Dance troupe, he performed to sold out houses from Atlantic City to London’s Royal Festival Hall meeting icons along the way, such as Maurice Hines whose recognition was one of his defining moments. As the troupe’s Company Manager and so enthralled with his talent, I piqued Myles’ interest with a move to Los Angeles. Once there, he made a name for himself as an actor in theatre, commercials, and coincidentally, on an NBC daytime soap, while also creating solo dance pieces, most notably, PIGMENT and MADE IN THE USA, which premiered at LaLa Mama in NYC.

At the time, The Disney Channel was looking for three choreographers to alternate weeks on the (new) Mickey Mouse Club. With no experience choreographing, Myles recorded his style and submitted footage to be a contender for this coveted position. The Channel found him to be a perfect fit and offered a contract to be the sole choreographer until the show wrapped five years later. After hundreds of rehearsals, shoots and videos with cast members including Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Keri Russell, Britney Spears, and Ryan Gosling, Myles embarked with the same ‘eyes-wide-open’ approach that brought him to this crossroads in his career.

His modus operandi was driven by what inspired him, and he proceeded with true entrepreneurial spirit. He wrote and performed a one-man show that spanned the ages from a young boy to a doctor of philosophy. He choreographed for theme parks beyond Disney and Universal properties, throughout the U.S. and Asia, and continued honing his core skills as a dance instructor.

The career that started in Kensington has led to global exposure and business opportunities. Writing and directing for live Nickelodeon shows now takes Myles to international locations as he continues to stay close to his roots seeking experiences that are relevant. His regular gig with the Orlando library system, bringing words to life by reading to children, grounds him, and as he says, “kids have no filter and react authentically, so it is an exercise in acting too.” Teaching dance class, a key to tapping creativity has remained a constant on his roster. And, starting in 2015 he became a founder of the Interactive Academy of Performing Arts (http://www.1apa.com/) which will open doors of professionals in various disciplines to aspiring artists around the globe.

Staying the course to ensure a successful track takes energy, commitment, diligence, and as every entrepreneur knows, is very often a ‘one man show.’ That said, the creative process can reach its heights when an artist/entrepreneur has a go-to person to oversee their ‘back office’ – someone to bounce ideas off of and handle administrative tasks that are common to every business and profession. For Myles, the factors are publicity, negotiations, document preparation, budgeting and scheduling, all managed by GoToPerson (www.gotoperson.info).

Go To Person provides promotional and administrative services and comprehensive research for busy professionals. For more information, please contact margie@gotoperson.info or 888.GTP.7707.

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