When ‘customer service’ appears on a website or a vendor invoice, it’s fair to expect that what the company is offering is precisely that: service to customers.  The hope is that it is good, if not excellent.  However, experience proves that customer service can be shoddy, inadequate and just plain wrong.  

Some customer issues are time sensitive.  If not dealt with promptly they can lead to bigger problems, and resolving them may be time-consuming and frustrating.  For those situations, we suggest that you contact us at GO TO PERSON (GTP).

Recently, a disgruntled homeowner benefited from such a call to GTP.  A recent wind and rain storm damaged their roof which turned into an ordeal when water ruined one complete room in the house. The roofer came out, gave a bid, and wanted to start as soon as possible. However, due to the high price and the upset that the homeowners were going through, they contacted Randi (randi@gotoperson.info).  She asked the right questions and reviewed the homeowner policy.  Bottom line: based on provisions of the Florida Building Code, the insurance company covered the roof and home repairs.

Another unhappy homeowner had a laminate floor installed. She saw that it was not laying correctly during the installation, but the installers reassured her that it would adhere overnight.  It didn’t, and neither the installers or product supplier offered a remedy.  As a matter of fact, they blamed each other. The client reached out to Margie (margie@gotoperson.info) who researched the product and found that the flooring was not stored properly in the warehouse. Therefore, it was considered damaged on delivery, and the supplier approved new flooring at no additional installation charge.

Unraveling issues like these, dealing with all parties involved, and straightening things out requires patience, good listening and communication skills, an aptitude for research, and desire to resolve matters.  

How can GO TO PERSON help you?  Call for a 30-minute complimentary consultation, 888.GTP.7707 or emailinfo@gotoperson.info.