When a problem or question arises about the flow of your business, reviewing logistics may be your key to pinpointing the culprit.  Dedicating time to reevaluate an existing process or system may lead to updating, tweaking, or completely overhauling an element in the chain.  The payoff can be significant when we give ourselves and coworkers the freedom to think outside the box and be creative.  

This concept applies to every enterprise, large and small, and for industries across the board from service to retail and manufacturing.  

In an article that appeared in the Harvard Business Review (June 2, 2015, by Bradley Staats and David M. Upton) this point is illuminated with real-life business examples of companies that were served well by looking at “moving down the value chain.”

The reality is that business operations are dynamic.  With that, it is reasonable and necessary for an organization to scrutinize processes in order to identify areas that need improvement. This step will lead them to examine the feasibility of implementing change.  Simultaneous to achieving increased efficiency, an improved bottom line and greater competitive edge, a company can also benefit from the development of team leadership, shared knowledge, and employee loyalty, in the process.

A leader who views problems as opportunities and turns them on their head can reap the rewards.

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