With the proliferation of emails (family, business, social, e-newsletters, retail, financial, recurring vendor invoices, etc.), it seems that no one is immune from an overflowing inbox that is in need of an organizational overhaul.  

Some quick tips that GO TO PERSON recommends:

1.  Begin by emptying your spam folder – it’s fast and painless.

2.  Do not be tempted by promotional emails that lure you in with ‘sales’ or ‘celebrity news’ that take up productive time.  Save for later if you must, otherwise, DELETE!

3.  Print out whatever emails are needed for your files, such as the itinerary for your upcoming vacation or a note from your child’s teacher praising her class project.

4.  Discontinue an email address that is no longer your main access point, or forward all emails from this address (if you’re not ready to give it up) to your more active address.

5.  Label emails (in the case of Gmail), so that anything that comes from a particular address will be identified by the name you give it, i.e.: emails from friends can be labeled ‘Friend’ and so on.

6.  Create a place for articles, images, and videos that you want to archive. For instance, you can put them in your ‘pocket’ for later, (www.getpocket.com).

7.  Use the Subject box in outgoing emails to clearly identify the topic of your message. 

8.  Consider using an app to solve common issues, such as –

*  Unroll.me – this app groups all subscription services together and allows you to delete any one of them with a single click, and then rolls up the subscriptions that you want to continue receiving for an easy at-a-glance look.

*  Boomerang – this app allows you to schedule a future date to send an email, or set a date to follow it up, or a date when you want it to appear in your inbox again.

*  Triage – the promotion for this app says it all: “first aid for your inbox”!

The important thing to know is that managing your inbox will be liberating and can lead to a more stress-free mood when you log in at the start of your day.