When taking a road trip, we map out where we are headed before we get in the car.  The same rule applies when starting a business. Directions are needed, and that’s where a business plan comes in.

Some elements that should be fleshed out and will apply to every enterprise include:
* Mission and Vision
* Competition in the marketplace
* Customer profile/target market
* Comprehensive description of product or service
* Reason that customers need your product or service
* Business strategy (and what makes it unique)
* Pricing
* Sales and e-commerce
* Marketing/Advertising/Promotion
* Upfront expenses (e.g.: logo, website, business license, insurance)
* Financial planning (i.e.: start-up operating capital, projections, cash flow)
* Staffing and respective experience and skills needed

Each one of these factors is an important link to the whole.

Through the process of writing, you will realize what is practical and feasible, what the priorities are, and how to achieve the goals you have put forth.  When finished, take the time to celebrate because you will know where you are going, why you are going there, and how you are getting there.  Your business relies on you, and you can rely on your business plan!

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